3 In 1 Glass & Furniture Cleaner



  • 3 In 1 Glass & Furniture Cleaner
  • 3 In 1 Glass & Furniture Cleaner

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This product is perfect to clean, shine and protect all surfaces, including furniture, glass, mirrors, ceramic tile, picture frames, granite and marble counter tops, formica, plastics, chrome and stainless steel surfaces.

For optimal results, spray liquid directly onto a damp little waffle microfiber cloth, wipe targeted surface, then finish off with a dry little waffle microfiber cloth. Streak free, Smear free and Residue free.

Safe to use on all surfaces washable with water, made from renewable resources, ozone friendly, safe for use on hands, biodegradable.

Ingredients: De-ionized water, sodium carbonate

Size: 710ml


Naturally Powerful Patented Formula.

Hypo-Allergenic, PH Balanced, VOC Free

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